Basically, we can say that a single diamond is one giant molecule of carbon. The carat weight of the diamond also plays a role in affecting the clarity grade. In this case, this is a large stone that’s a one and a half carats in size. As carat weight goes up, the relative size/location of inclusions that mark a particular clarity grade is increased as well.

If you are about to buy a diamond wedding ring now and you aim for looks instead of value, you might even want to consider buying synthetics, as they offer better looks at a lower price. For people who want the real thing, check out this website for detailed information.

Considering Artificial Diamonds For Purchases

At a first glance, synthetic diamonds seem to be dangerous towards the market. That is not true: the origin of most diamonds can be traced back and what gives the stone its value is not in the way it scintillates – the value lies in the millions of years of formation and the hundreds of work hours involved in the making.

When it comes to gem quality synthetic gems, the situation is a bit different, but no danger is present here either. Diamonds created in laboratories under low pressure are of exceptional quality: they are usually flawless and colorless and their size is a matter of choice.

We started by presenting the high pressure process, so let us first discuss the effects of this process on the market. Since this technique has been on the market for more than a century, it is obvious that the market will not crash thanks to this technique.

Quite the contrary, synthetic diamonds made under high pressure are a lot cheaper than mined diamonds of low quality (because of the easier process) and they offer a great alternative for the industry. These are very reliable stones and the industry supports this technique.

In essence, you should not worry too much about the genuineness of your purchase once it has a trustworthy certificate. This is the best way to protect yourself in purchasing an authentic or synthetic stone.

What About Simulated Diamonds Like CZ?

I wouldn’t condemn Cubic Zirconia stones for ruining the diamond market because they can’t as they represent a different market segment all together. Consumers who are considering CZs are perfectly aware that what they buy is not a diamond and they (probably) accept that.

Here’s a fun trick to help identify CZ stones…

First, you should put your stone through a heating test that you can perform with a heat probe. Do not worry, if it is a diamond, it will not break and will definitely not melt. Actually, the real stone should not even warm up – the heat should be dispersed before you could notice the temperature change.

If you know somebody that has purchased a piece of jewelry that you like, ask them for advice.