Round full cut brilliants will represent a very stable investment for long decades to come. The pricing of diamonds is rather hectic already, you do not generally want to make that even more complex by introducing different precious metals to the deal. These are rare cases, and you should generally stick with loose diamonds for investments.

Some people opt to buy loose diamonds because they believe they will have more freedom with regards to the customization of their jewelry. However, for most customers getting in contact with a service that has a broader supply of mounted diamonds, it might well be a better idea economically.

First of all, jewelry customization costs you money – you pay the jeweler an extra sum just so that he would create a jewel setting that he would have created for a regular price if the invoice did not feature the buzz word “customized”.

You can save yourself the agio by browsing a few more jewelries and also taking a look at some of the online stores’ supplies. In most cases, you will find very similar ideas to what you would have ordered as a customized piece with another jeweler.

Brian Gavin is a great place to check out if you have unique ideas that you want to realize in your jewelry.

Thus, we can say that when it comes to buying jewelry for regular, personal use it is the best idea to browse the different offerings relentlessly, as you will probably find what you are looking for at one of the stores.

Other Ideas That You Can Use With Diamonds

Thanks to the versatility of diamonds in general, their application is not limited to rings. Thus, earrings can easily be treated as the most exciting alternative area of use for the triangular shaped stones.

Choosing baguette cut diamonds is a good idea in the case of engagement rings, medals and earrings as well. For that reason, they are ideal for whole jewelry sets, since they give the set a coherent and consistent feel.

Also, bear in mind that a cheap pave can easily make a whole ring valueless and you can easily be tricked into buying second-grade side diamonds.